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How To Communicate With Customers On Twitter

Today, Twitter is a great Platform in which you can communicate with their your potential customers easily. What makes it great is that It moves in real time, making it simple for customers to ask you questions, celebrate your business, or reach out if they need support.

The way you communicate with them, will either Make or Break your Business, so it will be important to know how to communicate with them. Below i’ll be listing out ways to accomplish this.

Always Respond as quickly as possible. It is noted that Prompt customer service pays off. And when consumers don’t get an answer from a company on Twitter, it is belived that 81% don’t recommend that company to their friends. Take for Example, Do you recommend a company that did not respond to your problems on Twitter? I guess NO will be your answer.* Your reply too doesn’t have to be formal, always respond to Tweets like you would if they’d just walked into your store and have a One-on-One conversation. It is recommended for you to check your Twitter at least once a day to respond to potential customers.
While responding, you can also include images, enthusiastic GIF or a smiley face which clearly communicatesTwitteood to your customer.

Move Some Conversations From Public To Private

Direct Messages are private and they’re perfect for conversations that you would prefer to have between just you and a customer.
If a conversation with a customer is light and positive, keep it public to show other potential customers that you are reachable. It is adviceable to address negative comments publicly, by so doing, other people can see that you deliver great customer service. But if you need a customer’s personal information or the conversation is going to have a lot of back and forth, move it to Direct Message. You can do this telling your customer to check his/her DM for your reply.

Commend Positive Reviews

When you run a good business on Twitter, be sure that your customers will Tweet positive reviews about it. These responses can be used to promote your business. By Retweeting one, you broadcast it to your followers. You can also add a quote to the Retweet, i.e thanking the customer or reminding them with words like this “Tweet us if you need anything else!”.
The more you use and promote your Twitter account, the more responses will pour in. Ask customers to follow you in person, in the footer of your emails, and on your websites, or paper receipts. A lot of businesses also incorporate their @name into their packaging so customers will feel encouraged to connect when they are most excited about their newly purchased product.


So above are tips you are to use to communicate perfectly with your customers. Also check Twitter to see how potential customers are responding to you (or your competitors!), Learn from them and use those opportunities to create loyal customers.

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  6. Twitter's strength and popularity come from its ability to enable instant informal communication. With this in mind, people that engage you on Twitter not only expect you to reply to them, but expect you to reply quickly.

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  9. Glad that you shared here this one. Dealing with customers using twitter isn't new particularly for businesses who are considering twitter as one of the options in communicating customers. It's just that despite the consideration, only a few knows how to properly communicate with customers.

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  13. Great tips you shared here. Twitter has become the fastest and easiest way to interact with customers especially at this time when people want things to be done fast. SO, twitter offers that promptness many people crave.

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