Congratulation! Nobleloaded is One

Cant believe one year had passed by, One Year into blogging. Congratulations! NobleLoaded is One! It seems as if it was yesterday i started.

And I’ll love to use this medium to tell you my little journey so far into blogging.

How & Why I Started Blogging

Before coming into blogging, i had tried some platforms because i always wanted to own a website of my own(my kid dreams), some of them are Peperonity and Wapka. I left peperonity because of poor interface and Lack of developing tools, came into wapka 2013 and stayed for 2 years. I left wapka due to the fact i wanted to upgrade, i needed a professional website that can stand with other web online: and Wapka cant achieve that for me so i left.
I started Nobleloaded 15 of August 2015 which was the day i published my first post ever on Blogspot, before then i had been reading guides about blogging online, in order to succeed when i come in.
It was started as a general niche blog and that was where the name NobleLoaded came in, but after going through researches, i had to stop and focus on a particular niche TECH, which is actually what i have passion for(not the gossip type lol) but i still didn’t change the name because it was to be a brand that will stand out: Loaded with Contents. Many critized me about blogging on a particular niche, but i had to keep my focus because i had a goal.

It is not an easy journey because i have problems/challenges

Challenges I Face As a Blogger

* Lack of constant power supply

* Poor/expensive Internet services

* Time: as a student it is very difficult to manage school time with blogging.

But am happy all of this never weighed me down in my blogging journey.

Am not a gossip type like i said earlier, so let me not write too much lol. Below are stats of Nobleloaded so far, although not really better. Please see it as a starting point for me, because am still growing…


Number of posts: 184

Number of comments: 225

Facebook page likes: 1,274(like my page here

Twitter followers: 480(follow me here

Google+: 17 Followers(Follow

Guest Bloggers: 4


I have tried almost all the monetizing method i know on my blog. From ad networks to affiliate marketing. I have not earned so much from these mediums(maybe none). I’ve earned a few thousands of naira, from writing articles for other blogs, mostly, as a ghost Blogger.

Despite that, i have not given up because that was not what brought me into blogging(although making money is involved).


Blog of the Week on

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My greatest achievement is the people i have been able to meet online through blogging.


I want to take this time to appreciate everyone who has helped this blog in one way or the other.

– I’ll not forget to give God thanks for the journey so far.

– My mum: Thanks for tolerating me staying up late at night to blog(although at first you didnt know what i did).

– Abas Etop: I’ve missed you here online, cant forget when we started this together, hope to see you online again.

– Precious Agbontan: I’m happy and thankful for your support this far(remembering the days of wapka together)

– Grace Joseph: Thanks my sister from another mother for all your support.

– Promise Excel: My brother from the planet of FB(lol), we met recently but we have established a bond that no element on earth can break, thanks for everything.

– Mathias Amodu: Another brother, i appreciate the encourgement you gave me on your blog and also the support so far.

– Prince Odafe: You’ve been a great friend within a short time, thanks.

– Jide Ogunsanya: My boss, you’ve realy inspired me a long way, even before i started blogging, could remember when i said i’ll love to add you on FB and you sent a request. Thanks for your ebook “OGBONGE GUIDE TO BLOGGER”

– Mazino Oyolo: Thanks for your support bro, i appreciate.

– Tunde Sanusi: We had problems when i started but am happy it is now in the past.

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– Angela Devies: Although not a professional yet, you still believed in me and seeked my support.

– Akpene Jacob: Thanks for your support in the journey.

If I didn’t mention your name, it does not mean that you’re not important. I appreciate everyone equally who has been there for me.

Way Forward

– Getting a custom domain

– Get a new laptop

– Increase my blog traffics

– Increase my social media followers

– Start creating videos for my YouTube channel

– Get more serious with my blog.

Thanks for being part of that journey and dream, Please show your support by dropping a comment


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  1. Congratulations Emma on your one year with Noble loaded. I hope you grow and expand beyond your wildest expectations.

    Keep soaring bro

  2. Wow! Nobleloaded has now been 1year old and I am very happy to hear this even with alot of achievement till now. Ans another WOW! My name was listed, Emmanuel ekanem you will make it above your blogging expectation, God will promote you till the highest level and you will never experience rise and fall.

    I love to hear this and it really move my spirit…your journey will never be in vain in Jesus name.

    Congratulations! I will like to blog this too.

  3. Happy birthday to your blog bro!
    Thanks for the mention and yes, its now in the past *winks*
    Bigger You:) and i wish you more success.
    Kind Regards

  4. Friends ask me what is your differentiator? What is that which works for you? I say "Focus". You are so focused my friend, remain focused remain successful! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations Nobloaded…. I pray that you get all the things you listed here as way forward.

    Congrats Nobleloaded.

  6. Congrats Emmanuel Ekanem. May God Almighty continually bless and prosper the works of your hands.You will grow from grace to grace.Thanks for the mention, I really appreciate.

  7. I like your courage.

    You are real especially the part you said "you've not made any money yet" from blogging not like most fake ones that claim to be what they aren't .

    Chief I see huge wealth coming to you through blogging.

    Remain focus.

    Edikan Victor
    Brainnews NG

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