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How To Compress A 1GB File Into 10MB On Your Pc

Tutorial on how to compress 1gb file to 10mb in an easy way.

To compress a file simply means to decrease the file size without affecting the file contents, and in this post i’ll be explaining how to compress a 1GB file into 10MB, that’s like turning a 4GB file into 40MB.

The major purpose of compressing files is simply to save memory or free up memory on your PC. So, is your PC already filled up and you really want to carve out a reasonable storage space to save more files? At the end of this post you’ll be able to achieve that easily.

How are we going to do this?

We will be using an incredible and trusted file compressing software, the KGB Achiver. It’s practically the best file compressor out there. Here are few things i love about this software:

It’s totally free, no charges, Its compression rate is just awesome, You can create a password to protect compressed files, It has a very easy interface. Let’s quickly move into the main job here.

How To Compress a 1GB File Into 10MB

Step 1: Download the KGB Achiver v2, once downloaded, proceed with the below steps.

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Step 2: Install the downloaded KGB software on your PC, open it and select the compress file option, then click on “next”.

Step 3: Follow the below image to select the folder you wish to save all the files you’ll compress, set the compression level to “maximum”, click “add file” to choose the file you wish to compress, then hit “next”.

Step 4: Sit back and take a deep breath. The KGB Achiver software will take on from there; it’ll start the compression process. Once done, you’ll have the option to extract the file.

This software compresses pretty fast, but the time still depends on the file size. I’ve successfully compressed a 2GB file into 20MB. There’s now no need to be afraid of receiving heavy files to your PC.

Was it helpful, or do you find another way of compressing let me know


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