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How To Hide MyWapBlog Footer Links And Ads

Today, i writing once more about MyWapBlog, MyWapBlog is a very cool platform in which alot of people have experimented with.

Just like every other platform that offers free hosting, mywapblog also having things they include in your site like an advert and also footer links. And alot of people using the platform dont like this Ads, and are looking for a way to remove them. If you also feel that way then this article is for you.

I will show you a simple way to remove that footer links and Ads by just adding a CSS.

Copy the below CSS snippet and paste it into your MyWapBlog Stylesheet

@import url(;

NOTE: Dont remove anything from the snippet above, and the footer links and Ads will disappear.

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Snippet Credits: MirazMac

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