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How To Park Custom Domain On Mywapblog

In this post, i’ll be writing on how you can park your custom domain to Mywapblog.

First you must register the domain you wish to use from the domain registrar, and there are lots of domain registrars worldwide, and you can choose to use any.

After registration you must configure the domain to point at mywapblog servers. There are two methods you can use
there are: DNS SETTINGS And NAMESERVER now let us check out the two methods one by one.


Almost all domain registrars offer some kind of DNS management system. Different registrars use different names but it is usually called “DNS Management”. From the DNS management system you are required to create the following two DNS entries:

1. CNAME entry www( must be pointing to mywapblog host

2. A Entry for the naked domain pointing to IP

CAUTION :- Do not change any other values (like TTL etc).

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This involves changing the nameservers of the domain to the following:



When To Park The Domain

After configuring the domain it is best to wait 48 hours which simply mean you should wait for (2 to 3 days), before parking your new domain, because configuration would takes some time to be available
around the world.

Now to complete the process you should visit Dashboard >> Misc >> Domain
and enter the domain in full (with www) to have it parked. After parking, your old blog URL will also start forwarding (redirecting) to the new domain, and your old visitors can still
reach your blog.

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