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How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

In today’s tutorial i will be writing a step by step guide on how to recover a hacked facebook account and forgotten password with ease.

Get hacked Facebook back

So without much words, lets get to the business.

Steps to recover a Hacked Facebook Account

>>Simply, click the url and you will see a comprise account

>>Click on the button my account is compromised

>>Input your account’s username, email or phone number and Fill in the information then click on “Search“.

>>Add your recent or old password that you can remember.

>>Once facebook realize that your account is genuine, they will take you through a few steps to change your password.

>>Facebook will then review the email addresses attached to your account. Tick the one that belongs to you and others will be deleted by FB.

>>Finally Click next and you will have your account restored back to you.

Did you find this tutor helpful, do you have any suggestions, it will be of help if you could drop it in the comment box below.

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  • Waooooo. This is a great post. I hope this will put a solution to the recent scandal of hacking someone else account to post rubbish post and nude images on facebook.

    Nice post

  • This is wonderful, so much has happened in the Facebooking world recently, this certainly will help put a stop to it.