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How To Remove Underline From Below Links In Wapka PC View & Default Browsers

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Alot of wapka users have been faced with the problem of underline below the links (also known as hyperlinks) in wapka, and actually this happens when you are using any pc browser or mobile default browser. This type of problem don’t appear in opera or uc.

And to say the truth, i also faced this problem when i was using the WAPKA platform with a very close friend of mine Abas Etop Ceo of Wowloaded who is still using the WAPKA platform(as of when this article was posted), so we decided to check and see how we could stop it.

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After so many months of trial, we finally came up with this script which will be inserted on the section of wapka.


How To Remove The Underlines

To make your wapka site without any underline below links or hyperlinks, we have to add just one simple SCRIPT in HEAD section as i said earlier in this post. The code will automatically remove all underlines from all your wapka site pages. Code below

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a {text-decoration:none;}

NOTE: dont remove a from code.

How To Set The Underline Removing Code To Your Wapka

*.Login to wapka.

*.Go to edit site.

*.Global settings.

*.HEAD tag.

*.Now paste the code you copied and click on set.

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And hurray!!! You have finally kick away those underline.

Now if you still want underline below some links use can use wapka’s options in link section. or by manually posting text in HTML as < u>Your Text Here< /u>.

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