Nobleloaded Giveaway 1.0 Domain Name Winner

A few days ago, I made a post about Nobleloaded Giveaway 1.0, where I mentioned that I’ll be giving out a free .com domain name and I also gave out the procedures in which those contesting should follow to stand a chance of winning.

Many contestants came in and dropped comments on how they wish to use the Domain name if they eventually win it and also participated, though only two contestants followed all that was required to win this FREE .com domain, you and I know that we will pick only one winner.

After going through all the comments and recommendations dropped, I and my team have decided on who the winner is.

I know you’re eager to know who the winner of the domain name is, don’t you?

Of course, you should.

Now the winner of the Nobleloaded FREE .com domain name giveaway is……

Sometimes, in life, when you are about to make a big announcement, it is always an exciting experience and a memorable one.


I shouldn’t be writing all of this to tell you our winner, but how would you feel if you were among the contestants awaiting this big announcement?

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Well, for me, I’ll be so glued to the reports. Yeah!!

Nobleloaded Giveaway has come to stay, and I may be organizing it yearly or twice a year.

And it will have to do with different giveaways. O yeah! You read that well.

If you wish to be among the Sponsors of the next giveaway, you can contact me here and we will plan that out.


Nobleloaded Giveaway 1.0 Domain Name Winner
Congratulations to Marie Claire Okoye

Join me as we congratulate Marie Claire Okoye.

She emerged as the winner!!!! She followed the procedures outlined to win. Congratulations from all of in Nobleloaded.

Please do well to contact me on how to redeem your domain name.

It will be any name of your choice!

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For all the other contestants, we so much appreciate you showing interest in this giveaway, though you didn’t win, you’ve won a place on Nobleloaded for future giveaways.

Nobleloaded Giveaway has come to stay as I mentioned earlier, so more opportunities for all. Just subscribed to our blog so you can receive latest happenings around here, you can also join our Messenger ChatBot List where we’ll be sharing our giveaways to our subscribers.

Nobleloaded Giveaway 1.0 was supported by our one and only Domain/Hosting Company NAMECHEAP.

If you wish to start a blog, you can purchase your domain names and hosting plan at an affordable rate from

Checkout:  Nobleloaded Giveaway 1.0 – Win a Domain Name For 2019

Once again, Congratulations to Marie Claire Okoye for being the winner of the first edition of our Giveaway!!!


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  1. I’m just speechless, thanks so much nobleloaded for this wonderful first gift of the year.. God bless you..

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Nobleloaded Giveaway 1.0 – Win a Domain Name For 2019

Nobleloaded Giveaway 1.0 – Win a Domain Name For 2019

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