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  • Blogger Editor Tool to Show Misspelt Words

    Did you know that the blogger post editor has an inbuilt tool that allows users to easily identify misspelt and non-English words? You might not see the value of this tool yet. But as a blogger, sometimes you spend time trying to create and draft that perfect blog post for your readers. Finally after a […] More

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  • increase your Instagram video views

    How to Increase Your Instagram Video Views

    Thinking about a way to increase your Instagram video views? Well, look nowhere else as this post will help you achieve that. Over the past 10 years the internet has taken over, and so people are engaging in Digital advertising, and social media Video promotion in-order to reach more users in the internet as those […] More

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  • bluehost affiliate

    Bluehost Affiliate Program: All You Need To Know To Earn Big

    The name Bluehost is a very popular name in the bloggers’ circle, while to others, it’s two simple words coming together with no distinct meaning. With this in mind, this article titled ” How to Earn from Bluehost Affiliate Program would be divided into multiple subparagraphs for you to understand and enjoy your reading. Now […] More

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  • types of backlinks

    Types of Backlinks 2019: These Ones Boosts Your Rankings

    If you are familiar with SEO, you might have come across a term called Backlinks. But for those of you who are new to SEO, you may be scratching your head or wondering what Backlinks are and its importance, and probably even the types of Backlinks. Don’t worry, In this article, we will explain what […] More

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  • 10 Creative Ways To Make Money From Your Blog [Must Read]

    10 Creative Ways To Make Money From Your Blog. Are you a part time blogger or a full-time blogger and just can’t figure out how to make money with your blog? It’s so annoying and positive vibe killing because no matter how much you read blog posts or watch free and paid webinars, you’re not […] More

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  • 5 Reasons Why Your Startup is Not Earning Money

    5 Reasons Why Your Startup is Not Earning Money. Sometimes, even with all the planning, careful execution and ultimate effort, your startup won’t seem to make as much money as you have thought it would. Needless to say, even the greatest assessment can sometimes be off but when this problem doesn’t seem to go away […] More

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  • Learn How To Make Money Creating Content Online

    Do you wish to Learn How To Make Money Creating Content Online? Are you in Calabar or have anyone that resides in Calabar? Checkout: Bitcoin Wallet Then Join us for this revolutionary 4-hour interactive business meet up with Blogger and Content business guru, Jenny Chisom in Calabar 4pm on Sunday April 15, 2018. The module include: […] More

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  • How to Build a Good and Engaging Facebook Group

    A Facebook Group is a social media channel that can be a valuable tool to reach your target market.If you’ve ever wished to build an online community, then Facebook Group might be your best stop. However, just creating a Facebook group does not mean that it will thrive and become engaging, to the point that […] More

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  • seo plugin for blogger blog

    All in One SEO Plugin For Blogger: Setup Guide

    It is true that Every blogger will love his or her blog to have high SEO level to get high search traffics. And because of this, the try out different SEO tips and plugin they see online. SEO plugin like Yoast and All in One SEO Pack helps a blog have high visibility on SERPs […] More

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