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  • Nobleloaded Giveaway 1.0 Domain Name Winner

    Nobleloaded Giveaway 1.0 Domain Name Winner

    A few days ago, I made a post about Nobleloaded Giveaway 1.0, where I mentioned that I’ll be giving out a free .com domain name and I also gave out the procedures in which those contesting should follow to stand a chance of winning. Many contestants came in and dropped comments on how they wish […] More

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  • Add Ads.Txt File To Blogger Blogs – Step By Step Guide

    Add Ads.Txt File To Blogger Blogs

    Do you want to add Ads.Txt File to Blogger Blogs? Ads.txt file protects publishers from ad fraud, and it can also potentially increase your ad revenue. In this article, I will show you how to easily add an Ads.txt file to your Blogger Blog. What is Ads.txt File? Ads.txt file allows publishers to declare who […] More

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  • Blogger Editor Tool to Show Misspelt Words

    Did you know that the blogger post editor has an inbuilt tool that allows users to easily identify misspelt and non-English words? You might not see the value of this tool yet. But as a blogger, sometimes you spend time trying to create and draft that perfect blog post for your readers. Finally after a […] More

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  • How to Increase Your Instagram Video Views

    increase your Instagram video views

    Thinking about a way to increase your Instagram video views? Well, look nowhere else as this post will help you achieve that. Over the past 10 years the internet has taken over, and so people are engaging in Digital advertising, and social media Video promotion in-order to reach more users in the internet as those […] More

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