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Problems Faced When Involving Friends & Families Into Your Business

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Involving friends and families into your business is absolutely a barrier that will decrease the growth of your business.

problems faced when you include family in your biz

One of my lecturer once said that if you involve both your friends and families into your business you won’t be able to embark on the action you want to take, you will want to have pity on their false character/behavior in any activities they partake in the business. Always discover yourself think of who to employ before or after starting up a business. Do not care what people (your friends and families) say when you decide not to employ them because if you do, you will want to call their attention to your business and this might let your business be at loss.

Never give up in what you like doing, be focus because you will surely get to your final destination. You can help your friends and families in any other ways but not involving them into your business. You know you have a purpose of starting up the business, then never fall, be targeted.

Be concern with what you want to achieve by yourself, do not involve your relatives and others. What happens when you involve your friends and families into your business:

1. It affects the growth of your business.

2. You won’t be able to have control over them and not having control over them means your business also is not under control.

3. You won’t be able to pour out your mind when you discover that the financial account of your business for the month/year is not balance.

4. They might not be punctual.

5. Day to day activities of your business might be shaking(won’t be done appropriately).

6. Their will be no respect for you and remember you owned the business.

7. You will want to have pity on them when they do wrong and to sack them won’t be so easy but for the growth of your business, you better do.

8. You will be asked to assist them without knowing if you’re losing or making your profit, which you will want to.

9. You will always want to calm yourself down when you are trying to take a step reporting them to other relatives or so.

10. They hardly obey the rules and regulations of your company.

But if you’re the one that has already employ Friends and families into your business and you think you’re not facing any problem or the other. Let me tell you, no matter what, you will still go through all this issues given above.

Drop your comment if you are in support or against this.

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